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DragonLord White By TCC

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About Sam Hayles
Sam Hayles is an independent design consultant and award-winning graphic designer and has experience in working with bands, record labels, Trailer Music companies, DJs, Artists, Magicians and Music Composers since 1999!
Sam is also a famous playing card designer in United Kingdom, he has designed many excellent playing cards such as Bicycle Karnival Series,Bicycle Dead Eyes, Bicycle DOSE, which are popular and approved by the playing card Collectors.

Bicycle Dragonlord White Edition Playing Cards
Dragonlord is a playing card full of Chinese style, the Dragon is the main totem of Chinese Culture, in the eyes of the Chinese people, it is changing thousands, omnipotent, it symbolizes freedom and perfection.
TCC and Sam's original design is based on the Chinese tradition culture: Dragon. Take this as the theme, supplemented by modern stlye of carefully design, which is embodies incisively and vividly in the card box. The card is dominated by mottled black and white, representing the long history and the precipitation of wind and frost, as well as the meaning of blessing. Each card is taking a long time to deliberate and delicate grinding, especially the Ace of Spade, the special designing is expressing the time change of the dragon, vernal equinox, the cloud to spilt fog, autumnal equinox latent deep, the allusions of hidden into the mustard.
Dragonlord is not our creation, but the ancestors left us. And what we can do, is to do everything we can to discover the legac y that ancestors have left for us, and try to get USPCC and Sam to join us in presenting this incredible and mysterious treasure in the form of playing card, trying to get them to carry our unique beliefs, artistic ideas and dedication, Return to the top of the world art!