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New T Playing Cards By TCC

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New T Playing Cards By TCC

* Promotion By FISM World Champion Shin Lim,who produced an extremely stunning official trailer for New T Playing Cards.
* Printed by USPCC, Bee Stock, Air Cushion Finish, Q1 Paper, the handing is pretty good.
* Come with two colors: Black & Wine Red.Each color contains 2 Gaff Cards.
* 3 magic routines online instruction for free.

* Unprecedentedly, TCC made a full T Gaff Deck for a Customized Playing Card By USPCC. (See below for details).

T Gaff Deck

T Gaff Deck is a whole set of classical gaff cards, printed by USPCC, contains 56 basic gaff cards, they are:
Black Back and Blank Face x 12
Wine Red Back and Blank Face x 12
Double Black Back x 6
Double Wine Red Back x 6
Black Back and Wine Red  Face x 6
Double Face x 6 (Including 4 Ace Assembly, one of the Ace can let you do ‘the fastest magic in the World’by Helder Guimaraes)
Blank and Face  x 4 (Four Queen)
Double Blank  x 4

Designed in Prague by the extremely-popular design agency Creative Mints, known for their beautiful and user-orientated graphic style.

Their latest project, EDGE Playing Cards, produced by the TCC Playing Card Co. brims with an aura of creativity and ingenuity. The design is all but a simple array of colorful shapes that have been organized into a graphically pleasing pattern that just feels right.

Every single card in EDGE has been designed from the ground-up and the court cards are some of our favorite to date.

Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co.