TALLY-HO Co-branded Playing Cards by Tomohiro Maeda

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Tomohiro Maeda, a world-renowned close-up magician. He is the first professional close-up magician in Japan and is known as the number one close-up magician in Japan. At the same time, he is also the author of [アンビシャスカード], the cover character of the magic magazine "GENII"......

"Achieved two high-priced Tally-Ho" and "Tomohiro Maeda's Tally-Ho is hard to buy", this is most of the perceptions of poker players about him.

The Tally-ho x Tomohiro Maeda co-branded deck is now launched in four colors: black, green, red, and blue. You will definitely love it. USPCC printing, exquisite design and excellent workmanship, whether you plan to collect or prepare for a magic show, it can become your indispensable partner.

TH limited set: Casino Royal, translated as Royal Casino. Produced by Japanese magician Tomohiro Maeda. This set was sold in Japan in small quantities for $18. After being sold out, the price soared to 700% of the original price, which is enough to prove the appeal of Tomohiro Maeda and the excellence of the deck itself.

The set includes a deck of cards, a paper instruction manual for teaching magic, and a lucky chip. It is worth mentioning that the chips have 3D cutting and laser effects, and when shaking, you can see the colors from different angles like gemstones. Skilled craftsmanship, timeless. Its front and back patterns are Tomohiro Maeda's logo and a black cat. In Japan, black cats used to be cats that symbolized happiness.



  • Tally-ho & Tomohiro Maeda Collabs.
  • Printed by USPCC.
  • A special joker card with Tomohiro Maeda's logo on it.

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$50.00 USD



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