Art Creation Series Playing Cards

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An art card series composed of various forms of art, each design distinct and unique in its own way.


Created with passion by young artist Jure, this work aims to express color aesthetics, showcasing a visual language style that is free, fervent, and full of vitality.

Each card’s artwork feels like viewing a masterpiece, as well as an artistic exploration. Every performance is a powerful expression, and every card face is a brilliant presentation. Abstract actions convey concrete imagery, allowing one to perceive the boundless charm of life and art within the cards.

The Tower of Babel

Inspired by the Tower of Babel and video game consoles, it presents a sci-fi mystique in crystal purple.

Many elements are closely related to video games. Each card face resembles a game screen, using pixel art combined with game design to express the concept of life as a series of levels to be cleared.


The entire deck uses the Mithril font, enhancing the expressiveness of the design.

The overall color scheme features gradient shades of gray and brown, maintaining harmony and consistency while showcasing distinct layers. The streamlined design flows like waves, adding a sense of lightness and vitality. The middle section features smooth lines in black, white, and yellow, presenting a classic hyperbolic design that adds a three-dimensional effect to the flat surface.


In collaboration with the top IP "Bored Ape," the card box features a holo technique, enhancing its dazzling appeal.

The center of the card back displays the "Bored Ape" logo, using minimalist whitespace to highlight the beauty of numbers and showcasing the intriguing interplay of points and lines to create a comfortable sense of freedom. These elements give the cards an abstract artistic quality, conveying a serene sense of order.

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$11.00 USD



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