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BE@RBRICK Poker Set By Bicycle

BE@RBRICK Poker Set By Bicycle

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The latest collaboration Work between Bicycle and BE@RBRICK!Bicycle has been in business for 125 years and is best known for its popular playing cards. BE@RBRICK fans will love this little set, redesigned using BE@RBRICK characters and logos. From the BE@RBRICK cycling on the outer packaging to the picture card of BE@RBRICK, every detail cannot be ignored. To top it off, there's a set of five custom-designed dice with BE@RBRICK's face engraved on them instead of the traditional dots on the dice that represent numbers.


  • BE@RBRICK & Bicycle collabs
  • Redesigned using BE@RBRICK characters and logos
  • USPCC printed
  • Include one deck and five dices

MEDICOM TOYとBICYCLEがコラボレーションしたベアブリックオリジナルトランプです。 トランプとダイスがセットになったポーカーセットです。

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