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TCC Playing Cards

Fluid Art Playing Cards By TCC

Fluid Art Playing Cards By TCC

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The Fluid Art Playing Cards begins from the Blue Fluid painting and extends from there. There are four editions in total:

  • The Blue Standard version
  • The Orange standard version
  • The Blue Cardistry version
  • The Orange Cardistry version

The cardistry version has a neat and tidy card face and subtle details tailored to the Fancy Cut. No suit points on the face of the card, instead a uniform pattern, a centered swirling core during the cut and a two-color card character band during the thumb fan spread to bring the coolness to life.

The standard version has a harsh, narrow white edge and a simple, fresh design with a classic deck design that retains the regular numbers and JQK. The fresh blue and white color combination is a literary explosion!


  • Cardistry Version: 54 cards without numbers and pips
  • Standard Version: 52 cards + 2 Joker
  • Standard Size:88*63mm
  • Ultra-thin cards
  • Printed by Taiwan 808 
  • Air Cushion Finish
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