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MOBIUS Black Playing Cards by TCC

MOBIUS Black Playing Cards by TCC

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In 1858, the German mathematician Möbius discovered that a paper tape ring made by twisting a strip of paper 180° and then gluing the two ends together had magical properties. It is a two-dimensional unilateral surface that exists in a three-dimensional world, which is the famous Möbius ring.

Using the Mobius ring as inspiration, the new paper plate - Mobius. infinite lines design and a stylish red, yellow, black, and white color scheme. It brings a dazzling and explosive visual experience to Cardistry.

TCC's exclusive process, in cooperation with Taiwan 808, has developed Fluid Stock, a combination of German imported black core paper + Fluid Stock process, which brings a lighter feel comparable to Crushed Stock pressed thin and the silky smoothness of deep cloth grain. Full marks for Cardistry performance!


  • 52 cards+2 Joker, designed by TCC
  • standard size 63×88 mm, printed by Taiwan 808
  • Tuck case that implements black core paper imported from Germany
  • Undergoes exclusive pressing process Fluid Stock 
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