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Nameless Flower Playing Cards

Nameless Flower Playing Cards

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Flowers embody the beauty of natural curves and serve as exemplars of the graceful lines we are familiar with. This artwork breaks free from the traditional definitions of floral forms in reality, including predetermined colors, meanings, and fragrances, in order to showcase a more pure aesthetic of curves. We refer to it as the "Nameless Flower."

Nameless Flower Playing Cards

The tuck case is themed in a sacred and pure white, employing a rare combination of hand-drawn oil painting and high-precision scanning. This approach authentically infuses the "vitality" inherent in oil painting art onto the playing cards.

Simultaneously, the card back cleverly integrates a film-style aesthetic, with the curves of the petals intricately outlined through cold foil stamping.

  • Elegant Cold Foil
  • Special Paper
  • Limited to 2000


Black Deluxe Box Set


The black version is exclusively available in the gift box, limited to 999. In comparison to the standard version, it incorporates a gilt-edge process, imparting a metallic sheen akin to a radiant beam in the darkness, shining and captivating.

In addition to the gift box and playing cards, it comes with a commemorative card, a themed scarf, and an acrylic limited edition certificate plaque inside, entirely tailored for collectors.

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