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The Leather Pad by TCC

The Leather Pad by TCC

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The leather pad by TCC

The attention attracted by the Leather Pad shows us not only the pride brought by a magic product but also the value of hard work. Whether it is from the selection of materials or the consideration of size, we all understand How important it is to create a product with our hearts.
TCC Leather got a new upgrade. The new fabric is made of high-quality baby-grade flannel, which has a softer surface. The packaging has been further upgraded, with high-grade black envelope packaging and a unique transparent window design, allowing you to intuitively feel the leather pad, from visual to tactile experience.


  • Selected as baby-specific flannel, soft and comfortable.
  • The fabric fits perfectly with the high-density sponge, and the surface is cushioned and pressed softly.
  • Choose black lychee grain leather bottom pad, non-slip and wear-resistant.
  • Both the fabric and the base are supported by hard wooden boards, with moderate hardness and higher integrity.
  • Selected high-grade black envelope packaging, and a unique transparent window design.
Special note: Due to the large size and weight of the leather pad, it can't participate in the over 49$ free shipping event. 
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