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ARK Playing Cards

The Rebirth Playing Cards By ARK

The Rebirth Playing Cards By ARK

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The design adopts the leaves' shape and the flames' writhing posture, extending outward from a central point. It was inspired by the tree of life. It symbolizes hope and the beginning of new life.

This is also the first Playing Cards tuck box with a double 3D embossing process. The actual tuck box is extremely luxurious.

The color matching adopts the highly respected purple-gold/platinum-gold color scheme. Purple symbolizes the brilliance created by life, and white symbolizes uncompromising hope. The design uses plants and flames that are full of vitality, and the diagonal composition pattern design on the back of the card makes it more dynamic when rotating and cutting the playing cards.

It symbolizes the beginning of all things good, the converging of new life, blooming like a flower that is filled with glory and hope.


  • Gorgeous purple-gold/platinum-gold color scheme
  • Limited to 1000 decks, with unique numbered code 
  • Pearl paper imported from Germany, with a delicate and bright texture
  • Advanced Double 3D Embossing Technology applied to the tuck box
  • Printed in Taiwan 808, Undergoes Crushed stock


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