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The Reminisce Playing Cards by Ark

The Reminisce Playing Cards by Ark

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The first luxury and classical artwork playing cards specially designed for Cardistry.

The Reminisce design pursues the pure and original state of the playing card itself, in the style of designs from 1831 to 1870. After flipping through a lot of books, making the original appearance of the cards with "points in the corners" and "symmetrical head cards" appeared.

In pursuit of the purest and most original appearance of playing cards themselves, adopting the style designed from 1831 to 1870. This restoration of the original design has not yet incorporated the appearance of the "corner indices" and "symmetrical court cards".


  • Renaissance art style
  • with unique numbered code
  • German pearl paper with a delicate and bright texture
  • 3D embossed gilded tuck box
  • Printed in Taiwan
  • Crushed stock
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