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The Shuttle Playing Cards by TCC

The Shuttle Playing Cards by TCC

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This is a card specially made for cardistry; four-color blocks of red, yellow, black and white, intertwined shadows, and sharp lines together form the picture, and each element has a visual presentation logic behind it. it must be very cool to cut with it!

The card design is done with dynamic composition. First anchor the Card Spread, Dribble Card, and various thumb fan effects, and then add them to the cards according to the angle required for the display.

The card face also follows the exclusive style of cardistry, using no-suit points, and adding ribbons on both sides to enhance the thumb fan effect.


  • Printed in Taiwan 808
  • Recommended for cardistry
  • The Shuttle decks have no suit points and are pure geometric style.
  • The back design decorated with four colors enhances the effect of cardistry.
  • The 3 Shuttle decks can be combined as a trio

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