Mythological Origins Playing Cards

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The Mythological Origins Series playing cards innovate by blending various mythological systems with poker, reflecting contemplations on worldviews and the origins of civilization. There is no eternity, only cycles of passing and rebirth, where all things renew and flourish on this vast earth.

Odin (Norse Mythology)

Inspired by Norse mythology, when the sky shattered into fragments and dark forces from Muspel waged war, marking the end of the fifth sun age and the arrival of Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods. Destiny, destruction, and rebirth. Odin, the king of the gods, leads millennia of hymns and sighs, forging ahead amidst brutal, bloody warfare, blooming the flower of life.

Featuring innovative craftsmanship, the folding outer box unfolds into "The Master Odin Chart."

Lines are the simplest and most complex art in the world. Regular geometric lines on the cards create a rhythmic and rhythmic image, transforming into a three-dimensional space-time, evoking thoughts of multidimensional space, full of mystery, profoundness, and unknowns. The cards are adorned with dazzling starlight laser-edged, unique glacier silver, showcasing the fantastical charm of mythology!

Fuxi (Ancient Mythology)

Inspired by the legendary progenitor of humanity, Fuxi, the romanticism of Chinese mythology flows from ancient times to the present day with its colorful legends and profound significance, embodying diverse forms of core ideas, destined to be the greatest romance of humanity.

The outer card box unfolds into a complete "Genesis Chart of Fuxi," depicting Fuxi seated on a divine tortoise, holding the Bagua array symbol.

The card backs feature the Bagua of Fuxi as a design element, symbolizing the interplay of yin and yang, where all things in the world follow the Dao. Ripple symbols represent the vast flow of history over thousands of years, where villages evolve into nations and symbols into poetry, calling out as songs. The aesthetically bold and atmospheric gilt edges enhance the charm of Chinese mythology, imbued with emotion and tracing the past and future.

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Mythological Origins Playing Cards

$18.00 USD

$18.00 USD



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