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Zodiac Portents Playing Cards by TCC & 808

Zodiac Portents Playing Cards by TCC & 808

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Zodiac Portents Playing Cards by TCC & 808

Constellation is a beautiful and timeless theme. This zodiac constellation presented by TCC×808, whether it is the exquisiteness of the illustrations and craftsmanship or the story behind the design, makes it the only carefully selected boutique among the constellation cards.

And the starting price is only half of the similar cards on the market, tailor-made for your collection and gift-giving.


  • Specially customized card face and card back illustrations
  • 56 per deck (54+2 Joker + 2 billboards)
  • High-quality black cardboard, four-color bronzing + laser debossing
  • Full Pantone color printing
  • 808 Premium-Casino Paper Printing

Classical box set

The bar-shaped box is printed on black cardboard with a fold-over design, which opens to a storage box. The above pattern adopts the description of "Earth Chronicles Part 1", the earth with wings. Flanked by astronomers from ancient Europe.

Collection Set, Aurora

Pearl paper material, so that the gift box has shining stars. On the inside is a star map of the Milky Way certified by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Limited to 500
Dimensions 14.9×10.3×30.7 CM

Collection set, timeless

The Eternal Collection Set is the highest-spec collector’s edition of Constellation. The whole gift box is made of solid wood.

Limited to 100
Dimensions 17×32.5×12 CM

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