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TCC Playing Cards

Forest elf Playing Cards by TCC

Forest elf Playing Cards by TCC

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Made in China

The inspiration for the Forest Elf design comes from the collage painting form that began to circulate in the 19th century. By using color painting, multiple sprites, and plants are cleverly integrated to create a brand-new image.

Standard Edition

Each tuck case corresponds to the lifestyle habits of various "elves", with graceful streams, dense forests, and fragrant fruits. On the basis of the relief design, watercolor, and gilded text are also added to embellish it.

The overall color is mainly gradient gold, paired with a cute elf image, symbolizing a bountiful harvest of fruits and a pure soul. The leaves and fruits seem like a part of the animal itself, leaving a hiding place for the elves, and also leaving infinite space for imagination in this deck of cards.

Standard badgers, squirrels, and owls are limited to 999 pairs each, with custom seal.

Special Edition

The special version of the Forest Elf series - the sika deer. Compared to the standard version, the sika deer chooses the dark green of the forest as the tone, giving the sika deer more vivid vitality.

In order to pursue exquisite luster, we have chosen a fuller and more delicate gilding, and the interior of the card box is crafted with gilding texture. Not only that, we also added relief techniques to the crown above the deer's head and the starry sky, making the theme of the forest more prominent.

The special Edition of the deer is limited to 300 pairs and comes with a specially customized seal.

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