About Shipping By TCC Playing Cards


Q - How long does fulfillment take?

A - We usually ship your order within 72 Hours. Fulfillment usually takes 7-28 days from when the order is placed. Due to the epidemic, the arrival may be delayed. 

Once your order has been fulfilled, you will get an email update.


Q - How long will it take to get my order?

A - It depends on where you are. Orders shipped to USA will take 10-20 business days to arrive. other deliveries can take anywhere from 7-28 business days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.


Q - What do you ship with?

A - We use SF shipping to do the international shipping(SF is the best shipping company in China).

After arriving at the local, there will be a local delivery company(Like USPS) to deliver.


Q - Declared Information

A - Please note that in order to ensure the safety of the shipped items and the seamless logistics process and after-sales services, we will declare the value of the products according to the listed price. The resulting taxes and related expenses will be borne by the recipient.

If you need to put a different amount on the declaration form, please inform us via the message. TCC will not bear the risks caused by this (Packages lost during shipping CANNOT be compensated at the original purchase price).



Shipping Rates

Over $69 for free shipping
Chinese Mainland :Free shipping
HK & MAC & TW:
1~3 Decks 4~6 Decks 7~9 Decks 10~12 Decks 13+Decks
$5.32 $5.32 $6.13 $7.77 $7.58
Japan & South Korea:
1~3 Decks 4~6 Decks 7~9 Decks 10~12 Decks 13+Decks
$6.20 $7.58 $8.94 $10.32 $11.68
Southeast Asia:
1~3 Decks 4~6 Decks 7~9 Decks 10~12 Decks 13+Decks
$6.93 $10.55 $14.18 $17.81 $21.44

United States, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world:

1~3 Decks 4~6 Decks 7~9 Decks 10~12 Decks 13+Decks
$8.86 $14.17 $20.05 $26.73 $33.04

Additional Shipping Info

- Some discount styles are not free shipping

- Alaska,Hawaii, and Guam support only FedEx transportation. Unfortunately, can't free shipping.

- Price displayed is based on the weight of a regular playing cards. Price will varies for other items in store such as Sharpie pens, Mats, Collectors Cases. Please add those item(s) to cart for the rates.