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TCC Playing Cards

Childhood Playing Cards by TCC & Lunzi

Childhood Playing Cards by TCC & Lunzi

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In the childhood of many, "Alice in Wonderland" holds an unshakable position and fond memories, inspiring the childhood playing cards.

Themed around "Alice in Wonderland," Lunzi pondered from which angle to present this classic, ultimately choosing the Card Soldiers encountered by Alice during her adventure as the main design.

Childhood Standard Edition

Crafted from specialty paper, the box is surrounded by dense foliage, and just holding it in your hand gives a texture feedback akin to being in nature's embrace.

In "Alice in Wonderland," the Card Soldiers are most strongly associated with playing cards, thus we've made them a primary design element. The cards feature oversized indices but still retain the classic element of suit symbols directly added to the card corners, mounted on wooden figures.

  • Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"
  • Specialty paper card box
  • 52 standard playing cards + 2 jokers + 2 special cards
  • Fully hand-drawn illustrations

Childhood Special Edition

As a special edition of childhood playing cards, we've incorporated elements of the Cheshire Cat. Reflecting its elusive abilities, we've utilized Mirage Grating material for the construction of the card box to embody the Cheshire Cat's characteristic traits.

From different angles, you can either see a complete Cheshire Cat or just its iconic grin.

We've used the Cheshire Cat's iconic grin in the card back design, while also including a full-body image of the Cheshire Cat as a special card.

We're particularly fond of the Cheshire Cat's elusive abilities, so much so that we've included an extra Easter egg in the special edition, waiting for lucky individuals to discover when they open the card box.

  • Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"
  • Mirage Grating card box
  • The Cheshire Cat's dreamy manifestation
  • 52 standard playing cards + 2 jokers + 2 special cards
  • Limited to 700
  • Fully hand-drawn illustrations

Childhood Half-Brick

A storage box crafted from pearl paper, featuring a prominent design of the Card Soldiers on the front.

Inside, there are 5 decks of the Standard Edition and 1 deck of the upgraded gilded Special Edition, limited to 300 sets. The upgraded gilded Special Edition features the iconic grin of the Cheshire Cat on the card back, along with a full-body image of the Cheshire Cat as a special card. An Easter egg is also included.

Additionally, themed DIY stickers are included, allowing you to create your favorite Card Soldiers image with the stickers.

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