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TCC Playing Cards

Room52 Playing Cards by TCC & Lunzi

Room52 Playing Cards by TCC & Lunzi

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With "Room & Space" as the theme, I pondered for a long time on how to represent "room" concretely. Eventually, I decided to use "doors" as a tangible object. A surface with a door becomes a room.

As the debut project in this series, "doors" signify the initial notion of "entering everything." I chose red, reflecting the color of my first deck. Inspiration largely came from motels and key cards frequently seen in road movies.

Moving away from the traditional functional geometry of "flourishing cards" or the standardized design direction of so-called "flourishing card faces," I present these cards in a more sensorial and artistic manner. It’s artistic yet delves into the history of cards. These are fun cards for those who enjoy the culture of cards, and I avoid imposing any strict definition. They're suitable for playing, magic, flourishing, or simply admiring.


Room52 Red

As the debut of Smooth Writing, the cards are manufactured by TCC in China. 

The embossed tuck case with deluxe specialty paper and gold foil on the inside make the tuck case exceptionally textured. Linen finish and the appropriate paper thickness also ensure a remarkable feel while using them. 
The large color blocks on the backs stabilize the visual effects when cutting the deck, and each door will move along with the motion.


Room52 Silver

Limited to 700.

Its design has been modified to resemble an elevator door, and the deck's design is adjusted to a silver-gray tone.


Room52 Half-Brick

A robust gift box crafted from pearlescent material, embellished with an exquisite door pattern. 

Inside, there are 5 decks of the red version and 1 upgraded silver-edged version of ROOM. Limited to 300 sets. 

Each half-brick comes with five different stickers.

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