Triumph Playing Cards by TCC

$3.99 USD


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"Triumph," a brand-new deck of playing cards by TCC Magic.

Designed for practice, performance, and Cardistry.

Available in both a Regular Red deck and a Marked Blue deck.

  • Regular Red Version: $3.99,
  • Marked Blue Version: $4.99 (Introductory price, will increase later)


The term "Triumph" signifies 'a great victory or achievement,' often attained by overcoming challenges.

In the realm of magic, "Triumph" also refers to Dai Vernon's renowned card effect that has become a staple in the world of magic:

You seemingly shuffle a deck with some cards face up and others face down, then magically the deck restores itself to all face down except for a single face-up card, which is the audience participant's selected card.

Dai Vernon's Triumph is known for being simple and elegant, yet powerful effect. Emphasizing, presentation, misdirection, and the clever card handling technique. And we want memory in our own way.

TCC Triumph Playing Cards embody this spirit, offering a deck that aids magicians in mastering their craft. Both sides of the card boxes feature two of the Professor's famous quotes.

Printed on premium thin crushed cardstock with a legendary finish, TCC Triumph Playing Cards offer superior handling and durability. With smooth, neatly cut edges, they're perfect for both Magic and Cardistry manipulations, ensuring confidence in every performance.

Designed with magicians in mind, Triumph Playing Cards are available in two classic colors, Red and Blue. The blue deck features an easy-to-read marking system integrated seamlessly with the back design, ideal for various card magic routines.


  • Slim white borders
  • A 7H prediction on the card box
  • 2 Special Cards inside the each deck.
  • Two color options: Red / Blue. Red is a regular deck, while the Blue deck has an easy-to-read marking.
  • Standard USPCC face design and indices except for the Ace of Spades and Jokers.
  • The complementary gaff deck and packet tricks are coming soon.

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Triumph Playing Cards by TCC

$3.99 USD

$3.99 USD



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