Playing Card Collection Case by TCC

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None of us would express dissatisfaction that we have too many decks of playing cards. With one’s growing collection of playing cards, brick boxes have become a necessity among playing card collectors. Various custom brick boxes have always been particularly popular. Who would reject a portable and durable High-quality Playing Card Collection Brick Box?

One would only need to experience using the Collection Brick Box once for its ease of use and durability to leave a deep and lasting first impression.

The leathery material makes the brick box have a firmness that other boxes cannot match. The leathery material and flannel lining were specially selected. Whether it is the hands contacting the leather, or the playing card decks lying on the flannel, you can feel the excellent quality of the box. The delicate touch is as if it is saying, “You can be rest assured, leave them to me.”

The pattern on the green brick box is unique. We have customized the exquisite pine leaf pattern for it, which symbolizes nature and vitality. Perhaps, it will bring you good luck like a four-leaf clover.

One could never go wrong with black. It is a very stable choice, solemn, and elegant.As a supporting role, it will not steal the limelight from your playing cards. At the its versatility makes it suitable no matter the occasion.


  • Box only, cards not included
  • 12 Decks Box:233 × 102 × 67 mm
  • 6 Decks Box:121 × 102 × 67 mm


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$20.00 USD



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