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TCC Playing Cards

Trend Playing Cards by TCC

Trend Playing Cards by TCC

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Trend is a collection of Chinese elements encapsulated within the card box. Elaborate details embody thoughtful reflections and presentations of Eastern art.

The color combination of green and purple imparts an antique yet elegant quality to the cards. Intricate elements such as Chinese knots, folding fans, and various symmetrical decorative patterns find a perfect balance in structure and outline, presenting an extraordinary geometric aesthetic. The golden gradient embellishments on the card box add a distinct sense of layers to the overall design.

The playing cards feature a design without suit symbols, replaced instead by ribbons, Chinese knots, and decorative totems. The uniform and neatly arranged card faces, coupled with intricately crafted details tailored specifically for cardistry,not only make it easier to identify the central structure but also enhance the spinning effect. With designs on both sides, it can reveal two distinctly different fan displays.


  • 52 Cards+2 Joker
  • Standard Size: 63*88mm
  • Printed by Taiwan 808
  • No color points on the card design
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