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TCC Playing Cards

Flexible Playing Cards by TCC

Flexible Playing Cards by TCC

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Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta presents a color full of vitality and energy, infusing a positive vibe. The passionate and bold ambiance it creates is sure to make you stand out as a distinctive and eye-catching figure in the realm of cardistry.

This is a limited edition with only 1000 decks available, making it a rare find on the market. Seize this opportunity before they run out of stock!


Blue Gradient

The design continues the minimalistic style of the previous edition, with mint green as the main color palette, resembling the clarity of lakes and seas. Ribbon elements have been incorporated into the card faces, creating a continuous and flowing effect.

The color of the card backs transitions from light to dark, providing an aesthetically pleasing experience throughout your practice sessions. Starting from the fresh and bright mint green, to the vivid sky blue, and the pure cornflower blue... concluding with the profound midnight blue. The analogous hues of blue and green smoothly distribute across the card backs.

The paper's resilience and bounce remain outstanding, allowing you to feel the smooth and comfortable touch in every cardistry. Therefore, the "Flexible" deck is suitable for you to experiment with spontaneous and original actions.

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