City of Mirrors Playing Cards by TCC Fashion

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Cyberpunk, as one of the most popular cultural symbols today, has captivated the hearts of many. And now, you can experience its unique allure within this deck. Imagine towering skyscrapers in a cityscape illuminated by neon lights, where the fusion of dystopian sci-fi and artistry is breathtaking.

The dominant color theme of the cards is a vibrant, technologically inspired purple. But as you can see, it's far from a simple image. The tuck case features a lenticular printing pattern, with finely crafted slits evenly distributed across its surface, creating a captivating illusion of two distinct illustrations within the same plane. A slight adjustment in viewing angle reveals the mesmerizing transformation.

To enhance this dynamic effect, each of the lenticular printing panels depicts different corners of the city. Upon closer observation, you'll notice the disappearance of one building and the emergence of another, inviting you to explore the ever-shifting urban landscape.

The back design of the cards seamlessly blends the two colors of the buildings from the tuck case, highlighting the distinctive differences and contours between the various architectural structures. It's an aesthetically pleasing fusion that truly captures the essence of the city.

The face cards have been thoughtfully redesigned based on the cityscape and technology, incorporating elements of the cyberpunk genre. The most striking feature on the court cards is the inclusion of iconic landmarks that adorn each towering skyscraper, making them instantly recognizable.

Immerse yourself in the cyberpunk realm with these playing cards, where the urban landscape and technological wonders converge in a mesmerizing display.


  • Produced by TCC Playing Cards Co.,
  • lenticular printing Tuck Case 
  • M23 Finish, for the smoothest handling
  • Standard poker size, 63*88 mm
  • 52 cards, 2 Jokers, and 2 AD cards

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