Fluid V3 Playing Cards by TCC

$4.99 USD


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The Playing Card Bundle includes the following styles:

  • Flexible Peach Fuzz × 1
  • Fluid V3 × 1
  • Need × 1

The Fluid Bundle includes the following styles:

  • Fluid V3 × 5
  • Fluid V3 Gilded Edition × 1


The concept of the Fluid Series playing cards is to encapsulate flowing colors within the card box.

This time, we handed the brush over to nature. Through millions of years of geological changes and the high temperature and pressure of the earth's crust, ordinary rocks have transformed into masterpieces that resemble natural ink paintings.

This natural wonder, which took hundreds of millions of years to complete, is now presented in our latest Fluid Series.

We have also ensured the most comfortable thickness while maintaining the elasticity of the paper. The thickness is equivalent to 4 fewer cards than standard playing cards, ready to use straight out of the box, bringing you confidence in cardistry.

Fluid V3 Gilded Edition

With refreshing and soothing sea blue gilded edges and shell-like textures, it's like a treasure drifting from the ocean.

Limited to 1000 decks, each with a unique numbered seal.

The cards you like are currently out of stock but may be in the process of being restocked. You can email us at (email address: contact@tccplayingcard.com) to confirm restock details.


Fluid V3 Playing Cards by TCC

$4.99 USD

$4.99 USD



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