Vermilion Bird Playing Cards by ARK

$85.00 USD


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After the huge success of the Azure Dragon, ARK released it’s sequels the VERMILION BIRD and BLACK TORTOISE

The Vermilion Bird, one of the Four Divine Beasts in Chinese Mythology.

  • Original paper sculpture mechanism
  • Dual function of storage and display tuck box design.
  • Self-elevating collector’s gift box
  • Automatically elevates to the ideal viewing angle.
  • Independent research and development of the color foiling process.
  • Unparalleled handling for you to enjoy such a dazzling moment.


Classic Collection’s Box Set 

Limited to 1000 with numbered Seals. Including 2decks: Classic Black & Classic White.

  • Paper carving 3D tuck box
  • Self-elevating display box
  • Limited Edition with custom numbered seal

The collector’s display box matches the aesthetic of the playing cards tuck box.  Majestic and luxurious.  The appearance, including the text, is foiled, and shines with a metallic luster.

The inner lining of the gift box is added with decorative patterns that echo that of the playing cards: golden vines, auspicious clouds, dragon pearls...  The same exquisite cut-outs on the tuck box also make an appearance here.


Black Gold Box Set 

Limited to 500 sets with numbered Seals. Including 2 decks: Gold & Silver.

  • Full gold and silver foil playing cards
  • Paper carving 3D tuck box
  • Self-elevating display box
  • Limited Edition with custom numbered seal

The pure gold and silver contrast with the black and gold box gives the set a huge booth in terms of visual effect.

Unlike metallic ink, full foiling is a much more advanced process.  The metallic luster extends to the corners of the edges of the cards.  Such luxurious details portray the bold and unconstrained pinnacle of creativity.


Palisander Collection's Box Set 

Limited to 300 sets. Includes 1 deck and a metal coin.

  • Full-color foiling
  • Palisander display case
  • Luxury gilded edges

The display case adopts a vertical side-by-side door structure, giving the display case a palace-like feel.

The metal nameplate inlaid at the front makes the wooden box a well-deserved collectible handicraft.

The inside of the tuck box and the back of the cards are full color and the playing card are full metallic foil and gilded edges.


Wooden Frame Collector’s Set.

Limited to 600 sets. Includes 1 deck

  • Full-color foiling
  • Wooden display frame.

The cards are a special titanium gold color. It can be displayed with a picture frame on a desktop or hung on a wall.

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Vermilion Bird Playing Cards by ARK

$85.00 USD

$85.00 USD



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