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ARK Playing Cards

After Sound Playing Cards By ARK

After Sound Playing Cards By ARK

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After Sound Classic Boxset

Collectible storage box to match the playing cards. The box is luxurious and stylish. Both the interior and exterior of the box are embellished with white and dark patterns. The high-quality imported paper is filled with the words "After Sound" embossed with gold foil. It includes a certificate of authenticity, which provides a brief introduction to the Peking Opera.

Limited to 1500 numbered sets.
Includes two (2) decks: Colored Deck & Champagne Deck.

- Peking Opera theme
- Theater mechanism tuck box
- Embossed foil display box
- Ultra high precision printing
- Limited edition with numbered seal

After Sound Dark Flare Boxset

The main colorway of The After Sound Dark Flare Boxset is a domineering black and gold color scheme that exudes a powerful aura. It also includes two decks of cards. In addition to being the rarer compared to the Classic Boxset, the display box and the playing cards have also been upgraded.

The certificate of authenticity is embedded in the lid of the display box as part of the paper sculpture. In addition to the ultra-high-precision printing, a full-colored foiling has also been added, which is gorgeous and dazzling.

Limited to 800 numbered sets.
includes two (2) decks: Holo Black Gold & Holo Silver

- Peking Opera theme
- Theater mechanism tuck box
- Embossed foil display box + Paper engraved Interior
- Ultra-high-precision printing + double-sided full-page colored foil
- Limited edition with numbered seal


Elegant Chinese Coin

The intricate decorative patterns are reminiscent of ancient Chinese chainmail. The Chinese characters 余音绕梁 (Translated: Reverberates around the rafters (idiom); fig.Sonorous and Resounding) are inscribed on one side. On the flip side is the cloud-shaped shoulder adornments that are also found on the four Aces.

limited to 500



Except for the classic , the rest are full edition HOLO 

These authentic uncut sheets of playing cards are pulled straight off the factory press at  prior to being cut and boxed.

Featuring a display of all playing cards, front-and-back, these archival sheets are extremely rare and a great collector's items!

 (Frame not included.)

 limited to  20



Four different illustrated print X4

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