Monet Playing Cards by 52 MUSÉE

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The "Monet" playing cards in this collection feature classic works from his lifetime, such as "Water Lilies," "Haystacks," "Camille," and more, all of which contain Monet's rich emotional expression. 

Through the use of Holo foil stamping technology, we aim to offer a fresh interpretation of these paintings on the cards.

Monet Standard Edition

Based on Monet's classic work "Water Lilies," we have crafted a embossed tuck box with a unique numbered seal. The combination of blue and silver highlights a retro aesthetic.

The center of the tuck box features a hollowed-out design, with gold foil accents inside. With a double-layered structure, the cards are removed from the side, adding a sense of ceremony.

It's worth mentioning the face of the cards; all 52 cards and 2 jokers feature cold foil stamping, giving the background a cold foil effect, enhancing the three-dimensional and aesthetic appeal of the artwork.

  • Gorgeous pearl paper tuck box with foil
  • Full Laser HOLO illustrations on the card face (Index with no pips)
  • 52 cards+2 jokers+1 introduction card + 1holographic artwork card
  • Standard poker-sized playing cards
  • Limited to 2000, with custom numbered tuck seals 

Monet Collection Box

Using pearlescent material, the silver foil embossed gift box combines French architecture with Monet's landscape paintings, resembling artwork and exuding a high-quality feel.

In addition to the blue standard edition in the gift box, there is also a platinum-edged white gold edition, limited to 350 pairs, each with a unique serial number.

The gilded version features the iconic painting of the Rouen Cathedral. The magnificent gold gilded edges make this edition of Monet Playing Cards truly special, making it your best choice for collecting.

  • Only 250 sets available
  • Embossed outer box with pearlescent silver foil
  • Includes 2 decks (Monet Standard Edition + Gilded Edition)
  • Individually numbered seal

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$24.00 USD



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