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Silent Playing Cards by ALPHA

Silent Playing Cards by ALPHA

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The perfect combination of Grating Art and playing cards, illustrator Lee.K's highly stylized illustrations are showcased. 

Lee.K was named one of the 'Top 22 Artists to Watch in 2022' by Singulart. His works have been displayed in various art halls, including the Focus Art Fair 'Boom' at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and have gained wide attention and discussion.

He dons many hats and has expertise in drawing, painting, tattooing, and sculpting. His inspirations and experiences in different fields come together in his brushwork. His remarkable design concept of "Denial of Language" is finally presented to the audience with a unique artistic style and exquisite skills.


The scene of application is an art form in itself. We were immediately captivated by Cardistry when we first encountered it and this work is inspired by its play and imbued with a professional touch.

While the card faces retain the conventional suit and value, the backs feature larger color blocks that capture the trajectory of the cards.

The faces of the cards retain the conventional suit and number, while the back features larger color blocks to better capture the trajectory of the cards. The character portrait's eyes are used in the illustration, making each back unique.

·Silent gazing at silent works
·Delicate Pearlescent Paper tuck case
·54 nonrepeating card backs


Mirage Grating Collector's Boxset

The front of the grating box uses a large area of grating technology, creating a stunning three-dimensional transformation effect. The grating box comes with a unique custom seal on the side and comes with two card designs: a framed version and a puzzle version. The grating changes on the card box are more pronounced, switching back and forth with different angles, allowing for a panoramic view of multiple masterpieces.

The framed version adopts the form of a photo frame, showcasing multiple masterpieces by Lee. k. Under the silent expression, the characters carry rich emotions such as pain, joy, anger, and sadness, outlining the rich and colorful inner world.

The puzzle adopts black and white splashed ink elements, and the card surface breaks through the boundary between cards. In the form of four identical puzzle pieces, we re-assemble them into a complete work.

·Exquisite grating collection box
·Grating process presentation
·Dual version illustration design


Deluxe Lacquer Collector's Boxset

Featuring a premium baked lacquer wooden box with piano lacquer craftsmanship and a unique custom seal, the interior comes with two decks of gold and silver series cards.

The tuck case is fully covered with illustrations both inside and outside, with details scattered throughout the entire deck. Thanks to the luxurious HOLO and rare gilded edge, the collection level of the cards has been elevated to a new level.

At the same time, the deck has undergone a brand new design, each carrying a unique artistic conception. The delicate lines outline the deep eyes, and the abstract colors interweave rich emotions, condensing Lee. k's unique interpretation of the world.

·Exquisite baked lacquer wooden box set
·Gold/Silver Gilded edge
·Limited to 300 


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