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Free Gift by TCC

Free Gift by TCC

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Spend any amount to send - AIR BOX(2 PCS)
Spend US$99 - A random Apocalypse coin $15
Spend US$159 - A random Fontaine deck $15
Spend US$219 - A deck of Silent Focus Lapis $18


When you select a random Apocalypse coin, you will randomly receive one of the following coins.

  • Dead Soul Coin(Gold)
  • Dragonlord Coin(Gold)
  • Lost Spirit Coin(Gold)

When you choose a random Fontaine deck, you will receive one of the following decks randomly.

  • Fontaine Nickelodeon: Cat Dog
  • Fontaine Nickelodeon: Aaaah! Real Monsters!
  • Fontaine Nickelodeon: Rockos


This is for Gift only.


Simply use the provided link during checkout when your order meets the specified amount.

Please note that these complimentary gifts are designed to enhance your overall shopping experience and are not available for individual purchase.

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