Apocalypse Playing Card by TCC

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The Karnival series, created by designer British Sam Hayles, has long been known as one of the most popular and representative Bicycle limited edition custom decks. Including voodoo playing cards, Bicycle knights playing cards, it is an essential collector items for playing card collectors.

It’s a great honor to cooperate with Sam Hayles to bring a new deck for you. We cooperated with him to create the Dead Soul project, which continues the design of the Karnival series style, popular with cardist, magicians, and playing card collectors. More than 20000 decks have been sold.

After careful planning for two years, we are still in the style of the Karnival series to create the latest works full of dark style! A total of three decks and three coins are sold in a wooden collector’s box.

The extreme and exquisite illustration lines.

The dim and glamorous dark color. 

Under the breathtaking brushstrokes, outline the image full of mystery and visual impact. Classical, rebellious, heavy, mysterious, grotesque, and dark.


  • Playing Cards Limited 2988/1343/1260,  NO REPRINTS. 
  • The luxurious wooden collector's box includes three decks, three coins, and a collection certificate. 
  •  Wooden Boxes Set Limited Edition of 1000 
  •  Artwork by Sam Hayles, who designed the Karnival Series
  •  Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection purposes
  •  Printed by USPCC 

Dead Soul

Dead Soul is the most popular style of the Karnival series in recent years, presented to you again.Compared to the mysterious and solemn first edition, the new Dead Soul uses elegant white as the main color. In the design of the deck, TCC and Sam spent a lot of time and effort.

The design of the tuck case is a skull with that full gothic pattern, The theme of the deck is around the skull, revealing mystical, horror, and elegance. On the reverse side is the same vine patterns as on the back of the card.

All card faces were redesigned, and the extra smoke rendering adds many details to card faces. Skull, spine, ribs, and carpal bones…each card faces are skeleton images. You can use these to put together a complete skeleton.


  • Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection.
  • 52 cards+AD+ double-sided card.
  • Standard playing cards size.
  • Printed by USPCC and Limited to 2988 decks. only 1000 are available in the collection box.
  • Designed by Sam Hayles, Who Designed Bicycle Karnival Series.
  • 56 different and amazingly special designs for the card faces.

The design is also used on collectible coins, and the delicate carving process on the skull makes this coin an extremely beautiful artifact.


Bicycle playing card designed with a dragon theme, also printed by USPCC.

Dragon has a completely different impression in the legend of west and east, the dragon that appears on the front of the tuck case has the horns of a demon, just like fallen angels, full of evil and power, Watching over the moving treasures. The decorated pattern of background uses the unique clouding in East Asia, indicating the dragon comes from a mysterious country.

The card backs showcase two awing dragons and black background without white edges.The Ace and Joker also feature the image of a dragon


  •  Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection.
  •  Printed by USPCC and Limited to 1343 decks. only 1000 are available in the collection box.
  • Designed by Sam Hayles, Who Designed Bicycle Karnival Series.
  • 52 cards + AD+ double-sided card.
  • Standard playing cards size.

The design of Dragonlord was also applied to the coin collection, where dragons were made into raised reliefs. Each dragon scale is clearly visible on the coin.

Lost Spirit

The design theme of the deck is a silver gray spade, Ace.The front of the tuck box is an elegant and dark spade with intricate classical, delicate floral patterns. The tips of the spade have a pair of eyes from Lost Spirit.

On the back of the card, the overlay of several layers of texture further enhances its already strong sense of solemnity, creating a mysterious and noble sense.The card faces retain the design of the conventional deck. Spade, clubs, hearts, and diamonds both use conventional suits, and the card faces are covered with a gray and white texture, adding a dark, strange atmosphere. The subtle treatment of the face design also adds to the aura of the Lost Spirit and brings many variations and infinite possibilities.Two jokers are Death who wears a black cloak and stares out of the frame.


  •  Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection.
  •  Printed by USPCC and Limited to 1260 decks. only 1000 are available in the wooden box.
  • Designed by Sam Hayles, Who Designed Bicycle Karnival Series.
  •  52 cards + AD + double-side card.
  • Standard playing cards size.

The collectible coin uses the same design as the front of the tuck case, a beautiful spade covered with decorative patterns

Collector's Wooden Box

 The box set included all three custom decks, three coins,  and a collection certificate, stored in a wooden collection box. The wooden box set is limited to 1000 sets, and we also made a metal nameplate for the gift box with a laser engraved number (same as the certificate in the box), each wooden box is unique.


  • The gold metal plate with a Laser engraved number. 
  • Wooden collector’s box.
  •  A collection certificate with a number. 
  •  Three decks in the release.
  •  Three silver coins in the release.

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Apocalypse Playing Card by TCC

$110.00 USD

$110.00 USD



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