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TCC Playing Cards

Dragonlord Playing Cards by TCC

Dragonlord Playing Cards by TCC

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Dragons, since ancient times, have been creatures filled with fantasy and majesty, surrounded by countless myths and legends.

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon has become a cultural totem representing auspiciousness and good omens. It is often used to pray for a bountiful harvest and peace.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, we are excited to introduce the Limited Edition Dragon lord Playing Cards, aiming to share this joy with you!


Dragonlord Red

We've crafted a tuck case using the celebratory colors of red and gold.The dragon on the case is embossed and gilded, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Inside, the auspicious cloud pattern is created using hot stamping, resembling dragon scales and sparkling brightly!

Not only on the case but also on the back of the Dragon God cards, we've employed gold foil stamping. You'll notice the gold foil effect covering the entire body of the dragon.


Dragonlord Half-Brick

During the initial release, we have prepared the option for a Half-Brick.

Additionally, we will include a complimentary TCC Half-Brick box and a Dragonlord Gold Coin valued at $15.

Limited to 12 sets, first come, first served!


*Dragonlord is expected to be shipped in mid-March.

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