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The language of flowers Playing Cards by NANA Studio

The language of flowers Playing Cards by NANA Studio

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Each deck is limited to 300, with the majority being non-circulating, and only less than 36 decks available for public sale!

Showcasing the elegance of the language of flowers within the cards. Three options available, Hyacinth, Calla and Lotus.

Nana Studio Production
Made in China


Hyacinth flower language: "Light up the fire of a meaningful life "

The tuck case is adorned with stripes, a starry sky, and the Milky Way, like a Milky Way in a flower, instantly freezing it. The sun and moon, symbolizing reincarnation, are located at the upper and lower ends, with different flowers blooming in unison in the aperture, each with a beautiful outline. The elegant and delicate gilding embellishments on the card face are not too flashy, but can also present a small and fresh flower language. The design adopts a subtle gradient of clouds and mist, with spades, plum blossoms, and card box colors echoing, each decks presenting a unique beauty.


The language of the Calla flower: "unfailing and faithful love“

The tuck case is adorned with light stamen gilding, still so luxurious and beautiful. Upon closer inspection, there will also be shallow dark lines surrounding it, which is actually the finishing touch. The delicate relief craftsmanship deeply depicts the Calla, with its graceful figure leaping onto the pearly paper. Opening the card box will reveal a large area of hot gold stamping coverage inside.


Lotus Flower Language: "Out of silt and not stained“

The overall design of the playing cards draws inspiration from the colors of lotus flower petals, featuring a delicate blend of pink and white that exudes freshness.

As a gentle breeze passes by, it carries a subtle and tranquil floral fragrance. In this serene setting, lotus leaves sway gently, causing the clear waters to ripple. Moonlight pours down, and pearls begin to emerge. 


This description depicts a deck of playing cards with a lotus theme, emphasizing the natural beauty and intricate details. It seamlessly blends the aesthetics of nature with the art of playing cards, making them highly appealing to a wide range of individuals.


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