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Kamen Rider Playing Cards by Bicycle

Kamen Rider Playing Cards by Bicycle

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The front design showcases the most iconic transformation pose of Rider 1, employing the classic black and cyan color scheme as a tribute to the pioneering work of Kamen Rider.

The background behind the Rider depicts the vortex of the transformation cyclone, prompting a reminiscent moment of the classic transformation catchphrase, "Henshin."

The back continues the same design style, omitting the angelic motif of the bicycle and instead featuring the transformation device at the center. The Rider emblem adopts a classic bidirectional design with a subtle touch of technology.

The faces encapsulate different character images corresponding to the film and television series. In the Aces, the imagery of Riders 1, 2, and 0 is portrayed against a black background and colorful borders, creating a three-dimensional and dynamic composition.


  • Bicycle and Kamen Rider co-branded playing card.
  • Recommended collection.
  • Printed by USPCC.
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