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ARK Playing Cards

Kingdom Playing Cards by ARK

Kingdom Playing Cards by ARK

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KINGDOM Classic Boxset

The palace-shaped gift box is inspired by the palace architecture during the Renaissance period. It adopts a Vertical Packaging Structure composed of three parts: an outer cover, a 4-page fold, and a base. As you open the three parts of the box, the interior of the "Luxurious Palace" will be revealed to your eyes.

Features of the Kingdom Classic Boxset:

  • The palace-shaped handcraft package box
  • Fine printing and embossing foil tuck box
  • Pure hand-painted illustration, that took over 100 days to complete
  • Each boxset contains two decks of cards: Red & Blue
  • Playing cards are printed by USPCC
  • foiled number seal

KINGDOM Black Pearl Boxset 

The cover of the KINGDOM Black Pearl Boxset is made of Italian black pearlized paper, which is also foiled by a laser engraving copper plate. It is supplemented by German Brand Kurz black pearl foil. The gilded lines will shine like black pearls under the light.

Features of the KINGDOM Black Pearl Boxset :

  • Trinity vertical gift box structure design
  • Top luxury packaging process applications
  • Triple 3D Embossing Gold Box
  • Pure hand-painted hand-painted detailed illustration, which took nearly 100 days to draw
  • Local rainbow hot stamping cards, Crash thin feel
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