Kinghood Playing Cards by ARK

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Kinghood, or kingship, comes from the age-old legend that the old kingdom was cursed by the Dark Arts and that people became orcs and fell into fear of the curse. The people who yearn for justice in the chaos gather together to find a way to lift the curse and take back the kingship (Kinghood), led by the Knight of Light in the King's incarnation. Before dawn, a fierce battle between light and evil seemed inevitable.

The Kinghood card set will tell you this bizarre story in 54 pictures.

 Kinghood Classic Box Set 

3D relief on the card box makes the exquisite illustration become vivid and vivid. The cards in the set contain gold and silver, with gold and silver swords on the front. If the backs of the two decks are placed side by side, the pattern will be stitched together to form a complete picture of the knight's battle. The card‘s Exquisite illustration took more than 100 days to draw by hand.

Features of Kinghood Classic Box Set

  • Vertical V-shaped side opening gift box
  • Three-dimensional 3D relief card box, two stitching design
  • Pure hand-painted hand-painted detailed illustration, which took nearly 100 days to draw
  • Local rainbow hot stamping cards, Crash thin feel
  • Full edition gilded collection card

 Kinghood Black Pearl Box Set

Multi-layer box structure: The space on the top cover of the gift box is structured by a 3-layer laser engraved bronzing gift box. The distinct layering makes the picture of the palace more shocking and real.
Rainbow Hot Stamped Card Box: Partial dazzling light of knights and swords,

Features of Kinghood Black Pearl Box Set

  • Multi-layer laser engraving bronzing gift box
  • Rainbow hot stamping card box
  • Double-sided rainbow hot print cards, Crash thin feel
  • Pure hand-painted hand-painted detailed illustration, which took nearly 100 days to draw


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Kinghood Playing Cards by ARK

$85.00 USD

$85.00 USD



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