Paper Cut Playing Cards by ARK

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As one of the traditional folk arts in China, Paper Cuttings can be seen from festivals to praying days. It is one of the ways for people to express their longing and emotions, and it is also our common memory. It is hoped that different from other cards depicting seasons and scenery, Paper Cuttings is adopted as the core style of four seasons, and Paper Cuttings is closely centered on plane illustration, technology, and creativity.

All Chinese characters in the whole deck of cards are adjusted in Paper Cuttings style as details, including the four seasons on the card box and gift box, spring, summer, autumn, and winter on ACE, and the zodiac name on Court card.

·Chinese style Paper Cuttings theme
Interpreting China-Chic new fashion

·The most intricate and exquisite paper carving creative tuck case to date
Four highlights, Each detail is filled with craftsmanship

·Automatic illuminated box with up to six layers of paper carving
Satisfy all imaginings of paper carving

·Pioneering holo foil printing technology
Brilliant in response to the images of paper carving and paper cuttings


Classic Box Set

The combination of splendid paper carving and holo foil is also applied to the box. Red, a symbol of joy and the New Year in East Asia is used as the main color of the collector's box, which is covered with gold foil and engraving.

The paper carving on the collector's box is divided into two layers.The first layer is a pattern inspired by paper cut, also drawing on the presentation of paper cut art. A complete paper that presents the design and background by carving. Through the gaps in the pattern of the first layer, you can see the holographic gold foil hidden in the second layer.

  • Two Decks: Red and Green
  • Limited to 1555 with a Numbered Seal 
  • Chinese-Style Paper Cut Theme 
  • Paper Cut Theme Mechanism Box 


White Holo Box Set

The glittering shine is a perfect match with the beautiful design.

Under the light, the edges of the paper carving leave shadows, and every detail of the five layers of paper carving is more easily captured. We can clearly see the flower, bird, and butterfly patterns on the top.

The decks will be upgraded to a holo, with a sparkling gloss and exquisite design that is a perfect match.

  • Two Decks: Black and White
  • Limited to 888 with a Numbered Seal 
  • Chinese-Style Paper Cut Theme 
  • Paper Cut Theme Mechanism Box 
  • Light Projection Box
  • Pioneering Cold Foil Printing Technology


Luxury Leather Box Set

The Paper Cut Cold Perm Box Set version is not available separately before and contains a deck of cards.

The card is a beautiful Tiffany Blue, a fusion of fashion and antiquity. Also covered in paper carvings and gilding, you can see special patterns on the luxury leather box.

  • Contains a Special Deck that is not for individual sale 
  • Limited to 555 with a Numbered Seal
  • Chinese-Style Paper Cut Theme 
  • Paper Cut Theme Mechanism Box 


Deluxe Wooden Box Set

This set of decks satisfies all your imagination of playing cards deluxe craft. Not only the most pioneering Cold Foil printing technology is applied to the deck, but also the edges of the cards are covered with gold foil. The entire deck is wrapped in a splendid metallic sheen.

It consists of a wooden box made of high-grade raw wood with metal pieces and is also engraved with a high-precision laser finish. The difference is the patterns on the metal decorations. The Silk Series emphasizes more on order, while the Paper Cut Series emphasizes more on inspiration.

The complete paper cut pattern is originally sealed on the collector's box, symbolizing elegant inspiration, as well as nobility and immortality.

  • Two Decks: Gold and Silver
  • Limited to 333 with a Numbered Seal 
  • Chinese-Style Paper Cut Theme 
  • Paper Cut Theme Mechanism Box
  • Luxury Wooden Box with Hollow Metal 
  • Pieces Pioneering Cold Foil Printing Technology
  • Gilded Edges .

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Paper Cut Playing Cards by ARK
$60.00 USD $50.00 USD
$60.00 USD $50.00 USD



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