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Monkey King Playing Cards by ALPHA

Monkey King Playing Cards by ALPHA

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Monkey King is a central character originating from the 16th-century Chinese novel "Journey to the West" (西游记), and he remains one of the most beloved and influential mythological figures in China.

In this novel, Sun Wukong, born from a stone, attains supernatural powers through Taoist practices. However, after a rebellion against the heavenly realms, he is imprisoned beneath a mountain by the Buddha. Five hundred years later, he embarks on a transformative journey with the monk Tang Sanzang (唐三藏), riding on the White Dragon Horse alongside two other disciples, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. Their mission: to retrieve Buddhist sutras from the West, the realm of Buddha and his disciples in India. where Buddha and his followers dwell.

  • Limited to 800 with unique serial numbers
  • POP OUT Tuck Case
  • HOLO Foil

Monkey King represents the quintessential blend of wit and courage in East Asian culture.   His character has been reimagined in numerous forms across literature, drama, and film.

In this decks of cards , we pay homage to the iconic portrayal of Monkey King from these mythological origins.

Four ACES, each referring to the Monkey King's four stages:
Through Taoist practices, rebelling against heaven, the journey and the final ending.

The Court card, which shows the characters of the different sides of the story. There is powerful demon kings ,Buddha and his followers,Gods and all kinds of elves and monsters.

The Joker is Ruyi Jingu Bang , The poetic name of a magical staff wielded by the monkey King.  W.J.F. Jenner translates it as the "As-You-Will Gold-Banded Cudgel.

The inscription indicates that the staff follows the commands of its owner, shrinking or growing to his whim, make copies of itself, and that it is immensely heavy, weighing 17,550 lbs (7,960 kg).

When not in use, Monkey shrinks it down to the size of a needle and keeps it tucked behind his ear.

There are also many differences on the front side of the card. Merging traditional architecture and woodblock printing.

POP-OUT Tuck Case

The craftsmanship and design of these cards are laden with intricate details, in the center of each card tuck case is an elegant plaque,  bearing the inscription "Monkey king 悟空."

We used seal scripts to adorn the scriptures, a passage from the text: "In a mountain so high, there must be a path for travelers;  in waters so deep, there must be ferryboatmen."

The layering of designs already tells a rich story.  We want it to have the craftsmanship level of embossing.

You can see the elements like overhanging eaves, coiled dragons, scriptures, sacred relics, cloud patterns, and mythical beasts on the card box are accentuated by the embossing.  To do justice to the "Monkey King" theme, we collaborated with the top design team in China, ARK.

The tuck case is more than just a container;   it serves as a gateway to a realm of enchantment.   With the innovative POP OUT feature, when the box is opened, it reveals the Monkey King's legendary transformations.

Translating all this inspiration onto playing cards has been a tribute to the tale and an acknowledgment of its historical and cultural significance.


Holo Foil

The Monkey King, as well as all the cards in the Boxset, feature what players call "HOLO." By using advanced gold foil material that interacts with light, it not only maintains its metallic luster but also adds a colorful effect, significantly enhancing the overall luxury.

This is a lightweight Edition,Journey to the west playing cards.

In addition to the Monkey King, there are a total of four main characters from the "Journey to the West." Based on this, we've modified the design of the ACE cards, tuck case, and card backs to represent the entire main character group. With the same luxurious embossing and exquisite illustrations, the playing cards exude a unique charm.

Spades Ace: Monkey King
Hearts Ace: Tang Seng (Monk)
Diamonds Ace: Zhu Bajie
Clubs Ace: Sha Wujing

The two Jokers can be combined to form a complete picture, featuring Bai Long Ma (White Dragon Horse) and Xiao Bai Long (White Dragon). They were originally characters from the West Sea Dragon Palace and played crucial roles in the journey.

The Court card as same as Monkey King decks , which shows the characters of the different sides of the story.



Limited to 800 with unique serial numbers;
Includes two Journey to the West decks Black and Silver 

A grand and solemn collector's box designed with the concept of a "tripod" for the double-door box.  Once opened, this box can stand upright on a tabletop.  The purer gold and the all-black-gold structure significantly enhance the visual impact of the box.

The tuck case also features a POP-out design, just like the Monkey King's.  Additionally, the playing cards boast splendid HOLO effects.

  • Deluxe Black Box
  • POP OUT Tuck Case
  • HOLO Foil
  • Individually Numbered Seal



Limited to 300 with unique serial numbers;

Includes two HOLO & Golden edge decks of Journey to the West Black and Silver .

The cards inside are the premium edition, featuring the POP-out tuck case, HOLO foil and gilded edges. We've created a luxurious wooden collector's box to house and showcase these two decks of cards.

The luxury wooden box is designed with double doors, and a Journey to the West brand is embedded in the center seam. The natural wood grain on the brand and the wooden box makes it a true work of art.

Here, the design takes on a more dazzling form with a glistening Embossed Metal brand. The Embossed Metal brand is intricately designed, representing the collector's positioning and the owner's prestige. It features laser-engraved numbering, matching the numbering inside the collector's box for both decks of cards, further enhancing their collectible value.

collector's box for both decks of cards,

  • Deluxe Wooden Box
  • POP OUT Tuck Case
  • HOLO Foil
  • Golden edge
  • Individually Numbered Seal

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