Silk Playing Cards by ARK

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If a deck of cards can be developed using "silk" as the material of the tuck case, it will reflect the theme and culture of silk to the greatest extent. The silk element of the deck is not only reflected in the design. The tuck case itself is made of genuine silk. If it's already a stunner when seeing the texture of the tuck case, the feeling will culminate when you touch the deck.

Finally, we have succeeded in presenting this tuck case made of fabric, covered with fine gold foil patterns, and with smooth edges and a flat surface. The front of the box is a folding card design, which is also a very special idea. It lists the origins of the Silk Road and the cities along the way. Therefore, through the ingenious idea of the folding card, the beauty of silk culture and the historical development of the Silk Road are illustrated.

Classic Box Set

The interwoven texture of silk material gives it a special touch.

The classic box set is crafted from delicate and glossy pearlescent paper, which has been meticulously hollowed out to showcase intricate interlaced patterns, conveying a sense of rich and layered silk texture. The beautiful three-layer hollowing and stamping process is evident in the design. The mesh carving on the front of the classic box, along with the full gilding overlay, narrates the extraordinary story of the two sets of cards contained within

  • Two decks of red and blue
  • Limited to 1555 with numbered seal
  • Chinese style silk theme
  • Silk Material tuck case

Black Holo Box Set

We provided a collector's box for the decks to extend the creativity in the design and craft of the playing cards. Including the box, a whole set of coherent designs with a sense of ritual makes the whole product precious.

You will see two beautiful layers of holographic gold foil and a hollow ACE associated with the theme. Here, you can find the greatest potential of this deck.

It's a foil effect that ARK has always been proud of, a perfect combination of metallic foil and playing cards. The structure draws on the interlacing of warp and weft in weaving, making extensive use of delicate and striking hollow techniques while attaching a nearly full-board holographic gold foil. The four sides correspond to the four suits, following the concept of silk texture.

In the process of opening the box, the embossing, hollow, delicate gold foil, and silk material are revealed one by one to create a rotating lamp effect.

  • Two HOLO decks of Black and White
  • Limited to 888 with numbered seal
  • Chinese style silk theme
  • Silk Material tuck case
  • Vertical hollow-out collectible box


Luxury Leather Box Set

The luxury leather box version is only available to supporters of this project on Kickstarter before.

You can observe cards, silk boxes, and luxury leather boxes, all of which are made of the same material and adorned with orange holo foil.

  • Not available separately Before
  • One holo decks of Orange
  • Limited to 555 with numbered seal
  • Chinese style silk theme
  • Silk Material tuck case


Walnut Wood Box Set

This set of decks satisfies all your imagination of playing cards deluxe craft. Not only the most pioneering Cold Foil printing technology is applied to the deck, but also the edges of the cards are covered with gold foil.

The entire deck is wrapped in a splendid metallic sheen. The collector's box is a work of art made of Walnut, the highest grade of raw wood, which is the material often used in luxury furniture.

To match the feeling of a wooden collector's box, the decorative pattern is replaced with full hollow metal pieces. The presentation of the hollow metal decoration and the nameplate on the box extends ARK's consistent pursuit of the works and exploration of craftsmanship. In order to make these metal decorations neat and smooth, we use a laser to engrave these patterns. The near-perfect engraving precision brings the beauty of order.

  • Two HOLO Gilded edge decks of Gold and Silver
  • Limited to 333 with numbered seal
  • Chinese style silk theme
  • Silk Material tuck case
  • Luxury wooden box paired with hollowed-out metal pieces


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Silk Playing Cards by ARK
$60.00 USD $50.00 USD
$60.00 USD $50.00 USD



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