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SPAR Playing Cards 10th Anniversary Edition by Lu Chen Studio

SPAR Playing Cards 10th Anniversary Edition by Lu Chen Studio

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Available at 11 AM EST September 8th

LuChen Studio Production
Made in USA

  • Lu Chen SPAR Playing Cards 10th Anniversary Edition will be available for purchase on 8th Sep 2023 (11 a.m. EST).
  • Please note that shipping fees for the SPAR Playing Cards will be charged separately and are not eligible for any discounts or free shipping offers. Kindly be informed of this policy and We recommend that you place a separate order solely for the SPAR Playing Cards themselves.
  • Both the Wooden Collector's Box Set and Leather Box Set of the SPAR Playing Cards are limited editions.  Only around 100 sets of the Wooden Collector's Box set are currently available. Once sold out, it will no longer be reproduced.

Who is Lu Chen?

Lu Chen is the most famous magician in China.

in 2009, Lu Chen showcased his close-up performance on China's CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a variety show boasting the largest viewership of any entertainment show in the world. His performances have been seen by more than one billion viewers, establishing him as a household name across Asia. His performances have greatly propelled the evolution of magic in China, contributing to the transformative impact it has had on the lives of numerous individuals.

Lu Chen is also considered one of the most influential and innovative magicians in the world.

On April 1st, 2012, Lu Chen was bestowed with the highest honor by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, USA.

Since 1968, the Academy of Magical Arts has selected the finest magician each year and bestows upon them the most prestigious award in the realm of magic, the "Magician of the Year Award" (The Magician of the Year 2011 by The Academy of Magical Arts).

For 44 years, this person became the first Chinese magician to grace this esteemed list, etching his name onto its illustrious roster, and thereby catapulting Asian magic to global admiration. He is a beacon of pride for the Chinese Magic community and a leader in Asia.

This magician's name is Lu Chen.

His other various highly acclaimed awards include:

  • Osaka International Magic Competition Stage Magic Department Champion and Special Award
  • David Berglas International Magic Award
  • FISM ASIA Magician of the Year
  • European Grand Prix of Magic Master Gold Award.

I've spent countless hours working on the Playing Cards you are about to see.

Every single detail is the best in my opinion: The Card Stock, Feel, Design, and taste.

This was not merely a deck of cards, but 52 cards born out of obsession (OCD) and perfectionism.

Ten years ago, the designer Si Scott was driven insane by my endless requests for modification. The United States Playing Card Company almost canceled the order because of my demand over the printing and card stock. Finally, my first exclusive playing card was born. The original version is limited to 1000 decks, most of them are for my personal use, with only a small amount on the market.

It did not take long for me to run out of all my stock, and the collectors were unwilling to sell it to me... I need it, and I miss it.

Today —— after 10 Years after its release, I have brought it back to life. The quantity is still small, and I will try my best to cherish them and not sell so many...
Now, It is the time to witness a miracle!

- Lu Chen

  • There are three versions offered this time: The Standard Box Set Edition, Leather Box Set Edition, and Wooden Colletor's Box Set Edition.

  • The Standard Red & Blue Editions and Leather Box Set Black & white Editions are printed by USPCC. 
  • The Wooden Collector's Box Set is limited to 625 sets. June 25th is Lu Chen's birthday. Due to simultaneous offline sales in China, there are only less than 100 sets remaining. Once they're gone, they're gone.

  • Each Wooden Collector's Box Set is personally autographed by Lu Chen.

  • The Leather Box Set is limited to 1500 sets. Both limited editions will never be reprinted once they are sold out. The Leather Edition also remains exceedingly rare.
  • The Standard Box Set contains two decks, with the blue deck harboring a super-secret feature.

Regarding this super-secret feature, you can catch a glimpse of it in the promotional video.

(At the 00:50 mark of the video, the entire screen transitions from a square to a trapezoid, serving as an Easter egg. This shift vividly illustrates the distinctiveness of the blue deck. It might just be the world's first deck where marked and gimmicked cards are combined. Enjoy!)


  • A limited release, incredibly rare. And never to be reprinted. Once they're sold out, they're gone.
  • The Wooden Collector's Box Edition totals 625 sets, and due to simultaneous sales in the Chinese region and offline performances, there are less than 100 sets remaining.
  • The Leather Box Set is limited to 1500 sets, and currently, there are less than 400 sets in stock.
  • Unique discounts. Available exclusively at TCC.

Includes a pair of Red and Blue SPAR Playing Card decks.

Classic Red and Blue. These decks of cards, like keys, unlock the treasure buried in one's hands. The moment you handle these cards, you start envisioning a performance, even if the audience is just yourself.

The Blue edition features a marking system, allowing for various card effects in one deck. The charm of magic can be elegant, while also capable of being simple simultaneously.

The blue deck also harbors a super-secret feature.

This could well be the first-ever fusion of marked cards and stripper cards in history.

Includes a pair of Monochrome Black and White SPAR Playing Card decks.

A reproduction of the original SPAR Playing Card deck, featuring Lu Chen's exclusive card back design, standard faces, and the two Chameleon Jokers... all the penitences of the past are brought back to life through this reproduction.

Furthermore, the never-before-released White Edition completes this box set.

These two decks symbolize the on-stage behind-the-scenes of a magician's life, one black and one white, and are elegantly housed within a leather box. 

This pair of cards is a homage to the past, an anticipation of the future, and a treasure cherished in the present. Time flies, encountering them once more might take another decade.

Contains three decks of Gold, Silver, and Copper Playing cards.

Each set is personally autographed by Lu Chen.

25 June is Lu Chen's birthday and only 625 sets of the SPAR Wooden Collector's Box Set were released. These will never be reprinted.

Each set includes three decks, Gold, Silver, and Copper, housed in a weighty solid wood collector's box. The cards are printed with gorgeous metallic inks, and the box is adorned with embossed textures, radiating a magnificent golden gleam.

Each limited edition Collector's Box Set is unique and individually numbered. It includes a certificate of authenticity, featuring a short monologue by Lu Chen himself.

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