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TCC Playing Cards

Mucha Playing Cards by TCC

Mucha Playing Cards by TCC

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Mucha Holo Edition

The gift box is a sky and earth cover structure carton made of high-quality paper with a special touch, including two HOLO edition playing cards and a silver commemorative nameplate with a limited number. 

The two decks of playing cards in the box set correspond to the pinnacle of Mucha's commercial works, "JOB" and "Reverie", which later had a huge influence in Japanese manga comics.

  • Limited to 500, with custom numbered custom tuck seals.
  • Gorgeous pearl paper tuck box with foil
  • Full Laser HOLO illustrations on the card face (Index with no pips)
  • Gorgeous metallic ink
  • 52 cards+2 jokers
  • Standard poker-sized playing cards


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